Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adventures in ChumbyLand!

Hello again! Been a long time since my last blog post, but I have been busy!
     This summer, I finally got around to hacking my Insignia Infocast 3.5", now discontinued :-( which I picked up after Christmas for $49. I made a lot of tweeks and hacks to it, to make it the brains of my next robot. Unfortunately, I went a little too far editing the boot sequence and bricked it! Being a dummy, I didn't back up the sdcard rom before messing with the device. But after much searching, I found the OEM rom image and a control panel update to my relief. BTW, a standard Chumby Industries falconwing nor a Adafruit Chumby Hacker Board rom image will work on the Infocast 3.5".
     So now I have it back up again, to factory original! This time I backed up the rom image, update.tgz, and will document all the hacks I do, in case I screw things up again!

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