Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Chumby Hacks (Insignia Infocast)

I used Ultra Voice Changer, an Android app, to record some audio and alter it using the built-in robot filter preset. The alien presets are pretty cool too. Alternatively, you could use a text to speech website from AT&T Labs to generate some nice vocals for your Chumby. I plan to use these .wav files to indicate startup, shutdown, and a few other status changes. I saved mine in mono at 11 kHz to save on space. I then transferred my audio files by usb stick to the Chumby and placed them in a directory I made at /mnt/storage/sounds/ From there it's simply a matter of calling
aplay /mnt/storage/sounds/robotmode.wav
to call up our .wav files. If you prefer .mp3 format, use btplay instead.

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