Monday, April 18, 2011

Lightweight Kung Fu bouts

I had a bye in my first round. Second round I was up against Rob Farrell's Zot. Whew! I just didn't have the speed or mass to move that guy! So, that was it for Saturday. It was double elimination, so I was hoping to get some payback on maybe a more equally built bot. Turns out Sunday I was up against Boomer, an almost stock Bioloid Premium. That's more like it! Anyways, I think I was leading in points, and felt like the judges maybe were counting my reverse attacks as slips instead. Could be I just didn't understand the rules either, oh well.. But ultimately, what did me in was my own battery pack. I insured it was fully charged before proceeding to the ring, but it kept going into protect mode, probably from pulling too many amps. Never happened before. But not to take anything away from Mike. A fair win to a better opponent! Congrats!

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