Friday, April 22, 2011

New Humanoid

I have 16 servos, 4 x HSR-5990TG, 6 HS-7954SH, and 6 HS-645MG. Brains will be provided by a SolarBotics Freeduino and Rennbotics servo shield supporting 16 servos. Both will be stuffed into a Freeduino project box with 9V cell providing juice for the Freeduino and a Tenergy 6V 2000 mAh pack for the servos. Control will be via Arbotix commander gamepad over Xbee to the Freeduino.

Hardware will be lasercut, .063" 5052 aluminum and possibly nylon block for servo mounts. The leg design will be a 4 DOF PLM layout, with a servo in each of the hip and ankle tilt locations and one more servo in each of the hip and ankle lift positions. None in the knee area, this is where the parallel links will attach. I will reserve one more servo for the hip rotate if needed. The torso will be solidly mounted to the lower body, meaning no waist rotate. The head will have no pan or tilt either.
For the feet, I have these beautifully machined delrin feet from "Quantum" over on the Trossen Robotics forum.

They are perfectly smooth and rigid, and should provide the perfect balance between traction and glide I'm looking for.  :-)

Here is the head I plan on using. Its a gear shift knob found in the automotive aisle of my local bigbox store.

For this build, I plan to add some sensory for autonomous events. I will mount a Maxbotics EZ1 sonar, Sharp GP2D12 IR, and tilt sensors to automatically trigger getup sequences.

As for project name, I am still undecided. I was leaning toward something military sounding like Corporal Punishment or Major Malfunction, just not Sgt Slaughter (been done already). Any ideas?

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