Sunday, April 10, 2011

Less than a week to go!!!

OMG! I am up against the wall on Warchild's rebuild. The lower torso will be retained from last year with some lightening slots for weight savings. A total refab of the turret is necessary, due to the selection of dual tank guns over the single Defender used last year. The extra half panels required by this year's rule change won't make things easier. On top of that, I have to scrap last year's feet because they caught too much traction on the textured floor surface. My Visual C# control software doesn't work anymore for some reason and has to be totally rewritten. Four days to go and I am in full on panic mode now!
On the bright side, Musa is ready as can be for Kung Fu. I hope I fare well against some of the more experienced competitors in this division and more torque-ier robots being fielded.

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  1. Good luck finishing your robot. See you at Robogames for the Robot Kung fu event.